Contest Bonilha – Editorial

I had the honor of writing the exercises for the first open to the public contest at URI, entitled “Contest Bonilha”. I thank the opportunity to the portal staff, specially to the support given by Neilor and Jean, and also to the programmer Ricardo Oliveira, who revised all the exercises and eventually corrected the exercise and/or the files of some of them.

Congratulations to the best placed programmers:
Marcos Kawakami

For those who couldn’t participate, the exercises are already available at the URI site.

I am going to write a small editorial with some resolution tips for the exercises. I advise you to read the editorial only after thoroughly tries of solving the problems, and I ask you to correct me if I say something non-sense.

Click at the link below to see the editorial.
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Hello World!

That is it, new blog, new life.

I decided to change the host and the layout of my blog, and here we are.

For those who don’t know, or may be wondering, my old blog continues to exist, because there are too much content there to throw away or to migrate here.

Here I will start from scratch, with posts that I consider more interesting and useful, such as news relating to contests, editorials, and personal portfolio.

What do you think of the new layout?