Problem Setter

Here are listed the problems written by me, organized by the contests which held them.

  • The link [problem] contains the address of the problem at the URI Online Judge portal, where it’s available to be solved.
  • The link [files] contains a zip package with: the problem statement, input and output files, and my solution in C++.

Update: On this page it’s possible to see all the problems that were written by me and are present on the URI portal.

XV Contest Algar Telecom
Programmed Attack – [problem][files]
Escalator – [problem][files]

Contest Sigma
Shuffle – [problem] – [files]
Locked in the Castle – [problem][files]

ACM-ICPC Latin America 2014 Contest
Intrepid Climber – [problem][files]

II Contest FACE
Last Hit – [problem][files]
Variations – [problem] [files]

XIV Contest Algar Telecom
Labyrinth – [problem][files]
Lamps – [problem][files]
Prom – [problem][files]

OBI Warmup
Canteen Queue – [problem][files]
Complete Sentence – [problem][files]
Functions – [problem][files]
Frequent Asked Questions – [problem][files]

XIII Contest Algar Telecom
Detective Watson – [problem][files]
Throwing Balls – [problem][files]
Bank Line – [problem][files]
Board With Prizes – [problem][files]

Delta Contest
The Guilty – [problem] – [files]
Linear Parking Lot – [problem] – [files]
Gruntz – [problem] – [files]
Guilds – [problem]
Abbreviations – [problem] – [files]

Bonilha Contest
Hello Galaxy – [problem] – [files]
Contest – [problem] – [files]
Image – [problem] – [files]
Tiles – [problem] – [files]
Apples – [problem] – [files]
Horse – [problem] – [files]
Turtles – [problem] – [files]

The Famous Minesweeper – [problem] – [files]
Help your Commander – [problem] – [files]

If there is any problem with the files, please tell me writing a comment below.